sir, please send me determiners topic

Determiners determine something about the noun(s) they modify. These are basically of six types:
Articles: "An elephant". (Here, an is acting as an indefinite article, which means we are talking about any elephant not a particular elephant).
Possessive Nouns: Ramesh's house is blue in colour". (Here, we are specifically talking about Ramesh's house not any other house).
Possessive Adjectives: My car is the best in town. (Here, my, which is a possessive adjective, is modifying the noun i.e., car).
Adjectives of Quantity: Sonu has many cars. (Here, many, which is the adjective of quantity, is modifying the noun i.e., cars).
Adjectives of Number: Fifty athletes turned up for the event. (Here, fifty, which is the adjective of number, is modifying the noun i.e., athletes).
Demonstrative Adjectives: This chicken is the best I have ever had. (Here, this, which is the demonstrative adjective, is modifying the noun i.e., chicken).


However, your suggestion for including the topic on determiners has been taken into account. We will try to provide it in future.


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