Sir Pls answer this this is book solving question pls answer by drawing these in notebooks book..

Dear Student

It is not possible to measure the length of the line segments in the first question and the angles made by the lines in the second question from the image that you've sent, since it can be done only if one is able to measure both of them using a ruler and a protractor manually when one has the book with herself.

However, let me give you a few points so that you are able to solve it yourself:
1. In order to solve the first question, you need to measure the length of the line segments using a ruler and then you will have to compare which have similar lengths; these would be congruent.
2. In the second question, you will have to measure the angles using a protractor. The ones having similar angles would be congruent.


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Answer both questions
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this is easy 
measure with scale
 if you get the same measure of any two line segment write them as congruent

for 2 =  measure the angles  if they are equal put them as congruent
Congruent line segments are simply segments with the same measure (length).
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