Sir,plz explain Davisson Germer experiment?

  • The wave nature of the material particles as predicted by de Broglie was confirmed by Davisson and Germer (1927).

  • Experiment − Experimental arrangement used by Davisson and Germer: Electrons from hot tungsten cathode are accelerated by a potential difference between the cathode (C) and anode (A).

A narrow hole in the anode renders the electrons into a fine beam of electrons and allows them to strike the nickel crystal.

The electrons are scattered in all directions by the atoms in the crystal and its intensity in a given direction is found by the use of a detector.

The graph is plotted between angle Φ (angle between incident and the scattered direction of electron beam) and intensity of scattered beam.

The experimental curves obtained by Davisson and Germer are as shown in the figure below.

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