Sir plz solve the following quickly:

Sir plz solve the following quickly: Ill. Multiple choice questions: 1. Mendeléev's Periodic Law states that the physical and chemical properties of elements are a periodic function of: (a) their atomic numbers. (b) their atomic weights. (c) neither atomic numbers nor atomic weights. (d) both their atomic numbers and atomic weights. 2. In the Modern Periodic Table, there are: (a) 7 Periods and 18 Groups. (b) 18 Periods and 7 Groups. (c) 7 Periods and 7 Groups. (d) 7 Periods and 17 Groups. 3. In the periodic table, on moving from left to right in a given period the: (a) size of atoms increases. (b) valency of the elements with respect to hydrogen increases from 1 to 7. (c) number of shells remains the same. (d) valence shell decreases at each step by 1.

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1) ​​​​​​According to the modern periodic table, the physical and the chemical properties of the elements are the periodic function of the atomic mass.
Thus the answer is b

2) In modern periodic table, there are 7 periods and 18 groups.
The answer is a.

3) In a period, as we move from left to right, the number of shell remains same.
Therefore, the answer is c.


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