Sir plzz explain q no 128

Sir plzz explain q no 128 the atmosphere 2) the oceans fresh water 4) soil 127. Natu ction op es at ecies level 2) Population level 3) Individual 28. When the value Of 'r' is significatly low as compared a other it is better known by Competitive exclusion Interference com tition esource partition 4) Competitive release 29. The numbers of National Parks, Bigehere and ildlife sanctuaries of India were : 2) 158, 62, 10 U 448 4) 96,412, 10 58, 412, number of hot spots present

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Competitive exclusion or Gause's Law proposed by G F Gause, states that two competing species cannot coexist in the same habitat at a same time for the exact same resources. The intrinsic rate of increase or ‘r’ of one species will significantly decrease as compared to another species.

The correct answer is '1' Competition exclusion.

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