Sketch the initial life of Hitler.

The following points may help you:

a. Hitler, an Austrian by birth spent his entire life rooted in poverty and misery. During the First World war , Hitler joined the army and won many accolades.
b.In 1919. Hitler joined , German Workers party and later became the leaders of the Nazi party.
c. In 1923, his plans to capture Berlin failed, he was arrested but later released.
d. His rise to the position of prominence can be attributed to the aftermath of the first World war and situations that cropped up in Germany.
e.. Humiliating treaty of Versailles- ‚ÄčThe end of First World War witnessed a host of Peace treaties being signed the most important being Treaty Of Versailles with Germany which was imposed by the victors on the vanquished and compelled Germany to give away all its territorial claims and  it imposed huge economic burden on it. The War guilt clause made Germany reponsible for all the damage war had inflicted on the Allied and made it pay for the damage . This made Weimer Republic highly unpopular among the Germans. Germany was finacially crippled after the fisrt World War, little could Weimer Republuic do to recover its economy.Treaty of Versailles proved to be a national shame and physiologically damaging for the Germans as they were held responsible for the war and were subjected to harsh terms.
f.. Political instability- Germans were also apprehensive about Parliamentary style of functioning as the Republic faced political instability, with Weimer Republic witnessing 20 different cabinets in less than an year. Thus, people lost confidence in the democartic government as it had also failed to solve the problems of the Germans.
g.  Economic crisis- Germany was financially crippled after the first World War, little could Weimer Republic do to recover its economy.It had to suffer inflation, unemployment, poverty that added to the misery of common people.Germany was made to pay war damage and compensation which directly impacted the common people.
 h.The Great Depression of 1929, made Germany the worst sufferer and aggravated its economic problems. There was unemployment, fall in German's currency, rise in crime rate creating great disillusionment among the masses.  
i.In Hitler people saw a leader who could avenge the wrong done to them by virtue of Treaty of Versailles.
He promised to restore the dignity of Germans and build a strong nation. His massive propaganda influenced people who considered him a saviour who could deliver and save the people from distress.
j. Due to the massive propaganda by Nazi Party , the party became the largest party in 1932 and in 1933, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany.
k.   Hitler  after coming to power laid the foundation of a totalitarian state, he created a strong security force and surveillance to ensure order in the society.In an attempt to ensure political stability he laid the foundation of a totalitarian state dismantling all democratic structures, the enabling act can be seen in this context. 
l. The police and the security forces acquired extra constitutional powers.The forces deported people to torture chambers and to concentration camps and arrested people without following any legal procedures.
m.  Massive propaganda was carried out  against the Jews with the Nazis's racial policy declaring Germans as pure Aryan race and considering Jews as undesirables. Nazi state sought to indoctrinate people and the youth of the country by controlling media, schools and entire education system which was aimed at glorifying Nazi ideology.
n.  Hitler established total control over the education system .Ideological training was provided to the children, books were rewritten to popularize Nazi thinking and beliefs, like racial science was introduced.
o. Nazi's foreign policy also aimed at uniting Germans all over the world under the slogan of One people, one empire, one leader, and followed an aggressive foreign policy.
p. The state established total control over economy, foreign policy was linked with the overall economic reconstruction plan, Areas were conquered so as to accumulate resources. Nazi's established total control over economic production and kept a check on the price of essential commodities.



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Dear Student,

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria-Hungary (in present-day Austria), close to the border with the German Empire. He was the fourth of six children born to Alois Hitler and his third wife, Klara P?lzl. Three of Hitler's siblings?Gustav, Ida, and Otto?died in infancy.

Priya Agrawal.
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