slogans on "say no to plastics" home(earth),stop plastic use other planet other than earth ,for us to live
3.Use cloth bags,jute bags,say no to plastic bag
4.use steel utensils ,say no to plastic containers
5.reduce health hazards ,say no to plastics
6.Say yes to clean and green environment
7.Say yes to sustainable development
8.Save earth for future generations
9.say no to irreversible damages 

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Given Below Are Some Good Slogans Of Turbo Choice:-

1)Don't make your planet a deathbed of plastics.You owe it more than this!

2)It takes more than a millennium for a small piece of plastic to disintegrate.Should the future generations suffer because of our mistakes?

3)Make your planet a better place to live by using paper bags instead of plastics.

4.Don't suffocate yourself with plastics. It may kill you!


Hope it helps..

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