Sneha wants to show gratitude towards her teacher by giving her a self-made card.She chose a yellow coloured rectangular sheet paper.The length of the sheet is (2^5)cm and breadth is (2^4)cm. 1.Find the area of the paper she has to work for making the card. 2.What is value of Sneha is depicted here??

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We can show rectangular sheet paper , As :

Here , Length of sheet  = 25 cm and Breadth of sheet = 24 cm 

i ) We know area of rectangular sheet  =  Length × Breadth  , So

Area of the paper she has to work for making the card = 25 × 24 = 25+4 = 29 = 512 cm2        ( Ans )   ( We know : am × an = a(m+n)

ii ) By doing so Sneha shows her loving nature towards her teachers .                                               ( Ans )

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