soil types for   crops,:wheat ,maize ,millets ,coffee ,tea ,rubber,  oil seeds ,jute ,sugarcane

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Soil types for:
  • Wheat: Alluvial Soil
  • Maize: Loamy soil
  • Millets: Black soil
  • Coffee: Laterite and Mountain soil.
  • Tea: Laterite and Mountain soil.
  • Rubber: Laterite soil.
  • Oil seeds: Loamy red, yellow and black soil.
  • Jute: Alluvial soil.
  • Sugarcane: Alluvial, Black and Red and Yellow soil.

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TEA:Light loams rich in iron content , porous sub-soils so that water percolates , stagnation of water near roots is harmful.​
COFFEE:Loamy soil with humus content, well drained hill slopes between 450 m to 1800 m altitude are suitable areas​

SUGARCANE:well drained rich alluvial soil and black soil
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