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1. The quality of management that Kartik has introduced in the working of the production department as a corrective measure to control the output of the workers is Coordination.

Coordination can be defined as the process by which manager synchronises the activities of different departments . In general, coordination means bringing together the activities and resources of organisation and bringing Harmony in them. Coordination is the base or primary function of every manager, because various departments of an organisation are working independently and there is need to relate and integrate their activities.

2. The following are the importance of Coordination :
(a) Harmonized Goals: In any organisation, growth is one of important goals. With growth of the organisation, its size increases and the number of personnel also increases. However, greater number of persons means more differences in thoughts and work habits that may lead to disharmony among people. Also, every individual will have his/her personal goals which may create hindrance in achieving the organisational goals. So, coordination is important so as to synchronize the personal and the overall goals in one direction.

(b) Alloted Work: Each task requires specialisation to give the requisite results. For this, every organisation hires expert for different tasks. Every specialist approaches the tasks in his own unique manner and is generally reluctant to take up any advice or suggestion form others. This may lead to diversion or conflict among various specialists in the organisation. Thus, coordination is required from an outside body such as the manager so as to integrate their opinions and thoughts.

(c) Interdependence of Divisions: An organisation has various departments and sub-departments such as production, sales, finance, etc. Every department works independently and with its own policies and objectives. For example, the sales department may want greater monetary incentives for its employees but the finance department may not approve of such incentives as it may lead to increase in the cost of the organisation. In this case, there arises a conflict between the two departments. Thus, here also coordination is needed to synchronise the activities of each department towards the achievement of common goals of the organisation.


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