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Solev the problem set Practice Set I 2. 5*. 3. Draw line segments of the lengths given below and draw their perpendicular bisectors. (l) 5.3 cm (2) 6.7 cm (3) 3.8 cm Draw angles of the measures given below and draw their bisectors. (3) 900 (2) 550 (1) 1050 Draw an obtuse-angled triangle and a right-angled triangle. Find the points of concurrence of the angle bisectors of 2 4. each triangle. Where do the points of concurrence lie? Draw a right-angled triangle. Draw the perpendicular bisectors of its sides. Where does the point of concurrence lie? Maithili, Shaila and Ajay live in three different places in the city. A toy shop is equidistant from the three houses. Which geometrical construction should be used to represent this? Explamn your answer.

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