Solution of question 9,10,11,12,13

Solution of question 9,10,11,12,13 Ot and "f • 10 -lite the torvc 1 2 kgt. what the you have used to find kgf law A force of SO applied 10 thc smaller hy&.ubc machine Neglecting faction, acned on the large piston. If the of tie pistons axe ctn and 2S cm AILS. - Two cybmn.--•j ves•.cls fined with pistons A B of of cm: and 120 ate joined theg bottom b) are completely tilled with water a man' of 4 kg placed on piston A. piston A. oil B. thrust B

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Answer to Q.9

P1=P2F1A1=F2A2A1A2=F1F2F1=0.5 N, F2=15NA1A2=0.515=1:30Ratio of cross sectional areas = 1:30RegardsDear student please ask singlr qurey at a time so that our ecperts will provide meaningful anwer to your query

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    (B)pascal law
13.i dont know 0.5 approximately
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