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solution please IS. What mass of Ca will contain the same number of atoms (2015) as are present in g of S ? 16. Calculate the number of atoms in each of the following : (b) 52 amu of He, (a) 52 moles of He, (c) 52gofHe. 17. Calculate the number of atoms of each kind in grams of sodium carbonate. 18. (a) Calculate the mass of nitrogen supplied to soil by 5 kg of urea (b) Calculate the volume occupied by 320 g of sulphul dioxide at STP [S = 32; O = 161 (a) What do you understand by the statement that 'vapou density of carbon dioxide is 22' ? (b) Atomic mass of chlorine is 35•5. What is its vapou density ? What is the mass of 56 cm3 of carbon monoxide at ST} 12; 0=16]

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Please ask question one by one. Here I am answering the question no. 15.

First, let us calculate the number of atoms present in the given sample of sulphur.
no of moles = given mass/ molar mass = 3.2/32 = 0.1 mole
No. of atoms = 0.1* 6.023*1023 = 6.023 * 1022.

Now we know the no. of atoms in the given sample of Sulphur. To find the moles of Calcium with equal atoms,
we need to divide the obtained result by Avogadro's constant = 6.023 * 1022/ 6.023 * 1023 = 0.1
now, we know the no. of moles of calcium,
   0.1 = w/40
    w = 4
So 4g of Calcium will have the same number of atoms as 3.2g of Sulphur.


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