Solution ques 13

Solution ques 13 for 10 Effected a cash purchase of from discount Cheque debited 25 as collcctim charges goods from Ac. for a aner 'Edu-ung 5% cash discount. J 5 Sold to Dinesh ? 40.000. J 7 Dinesh returned goods worth ? I .OMJ Ettkd his cash discount. was imrnedtatel} Into 20 Bank notifies that has drs.homured for charges. 29 from Of paynents made in cash every rnonth- 30 Paid from cash unal salary fir AFil 30 Drew from bank for office use raising the overdraft to ruximum . [4ø•. Cash in hand Bank Overdraft Discount Dr t4,880andCr. 6. Contra entry will made for depositing 03.400 ino 9, To Capital AJC ( 10.000 in Bank Colum) (h Aril 10, By PurchaÆ

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