Solve 15

Solve 15 change tn Its velocity In 15 second is (A) zero The velocity of a boat with rescrcted to grourui is 3i 4) of water with respected to ground is —31 — 4 _ Hexe tix w.r.t. water is — The quantities are in Sl. (D) 2v When angle Of is tir range Of tyr is R. NOW if its range will remain sane. (ie R) the angle of projection is „ (A) 400 16. tirrn is (B) 450 If the magnitude of the vector products of two vectevs I A X B I is times the magnitude of their scalar product A • B then tix Mgk t*tween 6 of a ßojectile, at its maxinwm trigM is 4

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