Solve 2nd question

Solve 2nd question is line step 4 a line segment AB 6.8 cm. Take any point p it. • through P parallel to AR any AABC. •Through draw the line parallel to RC Draw a line segment Of length 6.3 cm. Draw is the linc Segment drawn by Take point p perpendicular to the A B Such that Pl. = Draw any triangle ABC and let D bc the mid-poin•, of AB. Using and Ihrough D parallel to BC to meet AC in E. Measure DE. EC. - DE - LBC? CONSTRUCTION OF SIMPLE SABC. It has 3 sides and 3 angles. 4.5 lenis viz three angles and three sides. triangle can be constructed if three of its six elements are 62 er, a triangle is only fixed (i.e., B Two sides and the included angle are given. side and two angles are e sides ofthe triangle are given.

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