Solve all plssss I am posting it 2 time

Solve all plssss I am posting it 2 time LEVEL — II L Find 01 given functions W. r. r tho corresponding indoponOont (O) y - Ian ' (b) sin' x • (d) sin/ • 2x cosx-2 sinx 2. Find dorivativo or given 'unctions w.r.'. the respective independent variable, tan q

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Que 1)(a) y=extanxDifferentiate w.r.t.x., we getdydx=ddxex×tanx+ex×ddxtanxdydx=extanx+exsec2xdydx=extanx+sec2x(d) y=x2sinx+2x cosx-2sinxDifferentiate w.r.t.x., we getdydx=sinx×ddxx2+x2×ddx(sinx)+2cosx×ddx(x)+2x×ddx(cosx)-2ddx(sinx)dydx=2xsinx+x2cosx+2cosx-2xsinx-2cosxdydx=x2cosx
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