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1) Cartilaginous rings are horizontally arranged C shaped bands of cartilage and their basic function is to provide support and to prevent the collapse of trachea during inspiration.

2)The epiglottis is a small flap that prevents food from entering the trachea. 

3) Respiratory pigments are specialised pigments present in the blood that aid in the transportation of respiratory gases from the lungs to different parts of the body. For example, Haemoglobin is a red-coloured respiratory pigment that transports oxygen in humans.

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3A.The respiratory pigment present in humans is haemoglobin. Its main function is to transport oxygen to various parts of the body.?When the blood passes through the lungs, hemoglobin takes up oxygen from the lungs and bind to it. One molecule of hemoglobin binds to four molecules of oxygen. Oxygen-hemoglobin complex is then transported to various parts of the body.and oxygen is released into the tissues.
Apart from oxygen transportation, hemoglobin has some role in transportation of carbon dioxide from body parts to lungs. About 10% of carbon dioxide transportation occurs through hemoglobin.
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