Solve all the questions

Solve all the questions W of i' ) of tix of iii) iv the md OPS following A will Ethene with •n of air? i HOW is in ii. is into Give . typical i) Wtwn m•id is by OR of ninxe. is of 'he of nitric uid nitrate is 'he of 'h is 'v) Which s i e ed Write b. i) Writc the ror the the action of water On magnesium nitride. ii) How is ammonia collected? iii) Why is ammoniz not collected overwater? iv Wh ich C Ompound is normally used as a doing agent for ammonia? 141 Question 7 a. A hydrocarbon has the following percentage composition hydrogen=22%, and oxygen—71 Calculate the empirical formula of the compound. If its molecular mass is 96, calculate its molecular fonnula. [31 b. What is scen when aluminium is treated with: i) Hot concentrated H2S04? ii) NaOH solution? Give balanced equation in both the cases. c. Give the name and formulae of two ores of zinc. d When excess lead nitrate solution was added toa solution of sodium sulphate 30.30 g of lead sulphate was precipitated. What mass of sodium sulphate was present in the original solution? The equation that represents the reacti(hl is'. (31 NaaS04+Pb 0=16, Na=23, sz32, Pb-207)

Answer 6:

b) (i) Action of warm water on magnesium nitride :
Mg3N2 (s) + 6H2O (l)  → 3Mg (OH)2 (aq) + 2NH3 (g) ↑

(ii) Ammonia is lighter than air so it is collected by passing it through a delivery tube. The gas is collected at the top and can be collected by pushing the air down.

(iii) Ammonia is highly soluble in water. Thus, it cannot be collected on water.

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