Solve all the questions

Solve all the questions b. Which "is lig the i d with A by of A by dir«l A salt metal, a. the percenl•ge l. 0.16. b. during Of •be i) lead teide ii_ magnesium chl"ide iii) A c i dilled sulp•lwte solution platinum.

Answer 3:

(a) (i) A base which is also an alkali is sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

   (ii) When carbon dioxide dissolved in water it forms carbonic acid, which makes pH of water slightly less than 7. But, as lime water is basic, pH is more than 7 for it.

   (iii) Base which is not alkali is CuO. 

  (iv) We add acid to water and not water to acid. This is because, when we add acid, water tend to splash out which is harmless, but if we add water to acid, acid will splash out and cause burns on skin.

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