Solve & explain briefly.

Solve & explain briefly. Exarch condition of xylem (A) Is found in roots (B) Show protoxylem tqwards periphery (C) Is found in monocot stem (D) Is found in radial vascular bundies How many of the above statements are incorrect? (1) Two One (2) Four Three

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Correct Option is (4). A, B and D statements are correct.

When the protoxylem is present towards the periphery and metaxylem towards centre in vascular bundle as it is found in roots, this condition is called exarch.

Monocot root vascular bundles are radial in arrangement. There are eight bundles each of xylem and phloem. Hence, the condition is described as polyarch. Xylem is described as exarch. 

Monocot stem vascular bundles are numerous in number and the xylem is endarch. 

Dicot stem vascular bundles  are eight in number, arranged in form of a broken ring. The vascular bundles are conjoint, collateral and open. Xylem is on the inner surface and phloem on the outer surface. Xylem is described as endarch. 

Dicot root vascular bundles are described as radial and tetrarch. There are four bundles each of xylem and phloem occurring alternately. Xylem is described as exarch. 


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