Solve q no 11

Solve q no 11 (B) weak (C) strong 10. Whi:h S a and not ? (A) NaOH (C) Fe(0H), (B) KOH (D) mne The strength of the ace' depends on - (A) number Of hyqrogen atoms present the (B) oogen content. 'C) densiy. (O) concentration of hydrogen ions furnished by inisation. Ammonia dBsoIveS in water to give NH.OH. (A) an acid (D) nag 22. 23. 24.

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The acidic strength of different acids can be compared on the basis of the amount of hydrogen ions produced when an acid is dissolved in the water.
The more is the hydorgen ions produced by the acid, the more it is acidic.
Therefore, the correct answer is D.


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