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Solve question 2 ray Would A plane to its surlace moving c' erto i ident mirror make With the horizontal. required area 's inurninated7 Find the coordinates or the image formed that of an object placed at origin. Which the eye win observe in mirror M2. How you draw a beam of light to be sent from pointA (see figure) contained in a mirror box for jt to fall onto point B after being reflected once from all four Walls? Points A and B are in one plane perpendicular to the Walls 01 the box (i.e. in the plane of the drawing). A balloon is rising up along the axis of a concave mirror of radius of curvature 20 m. is dropped trom the balloon at a height 15 m from the mirror when the balloon has velocity 20 mJs. Find the speed o! image of the ball formed by concave mirror atter 4 seconds? (Take : g=10 m/s21 A thin rod of length d/S is placed along the principal axis of a concave mirror of focal length = d such image, which is real and elongated, just touches the rod. Find the length of the image? An object is kept infrontofa concave mirrpr ata distance n times the focal len th from the focus. Find

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