Three ducks and two ducklings weigh 32 kg. Four ducks and three ducklings weigh 44 kg. All ducks weigh the same and all ducklings weigh the same. What is the weight of two ducks and one duckling?

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Let the weight of one duck and one duckling be 'x' kgs and 'y' kgs, respectively.Then, according to question,3x + 2y = 32                 ..... (i)4x + 3y = 44                 ..... (ii)We have to find the value of 2x + y.Multiplying equation (i) by 2, we get:6x + 4y = 64                  ..... (iii)Subtracting equation (ii) from equation (iii), we get:      6x + 4y =   64      4x + 3y =   44(-)    (-)       (-)________________      2x +   y =   20Thus, the weight of two ducks and one duckling is 20kg.

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