Solve sum number 4 and 5

Solve sum number 4 and 5 comgx»ur-xi on a certain surn of "Üney for 2 years per annum is 102. then the S , I On Same sum of 'noney at tho same rate and for tho same period is : (A) egg u.ør-t100 In What time capital becomes Ove times at interest rate Of (A) to years (B) 30 years years (0) so years The c:onpound interest on a certain sum of none y for 2 years at 5% per annum is 102. SO Compound inter ofthe same sum of money for the same period at 4% per annum is : (A) 00.60 (B) 02.66 —:.4 A mrroweda sum of money for 3 years at the rate of 5% simple interest from B. He for the same time and the sarne rate at compound interest. If a gained e 122, after paying back to B. then surn borrowed by A was : (B) 02000 (C) 0000 (D) uOOO 5 One-thirdofacertain.sumisinvestedat3% per annum; one sixth ofthe sum is invested at per annum the rpmaining sum at 8% per annum Ifthe annual S. I from all these investments is {600 the original sum is (B) ?6666 (C) 0500 •0)410000 6. What annual instalment will discharge adept. oft2210 due in 4 years at 7% simple interest? (A) QOO (B) WOO (C) t550 (D) R600 PATHFINDER FOUNDATION DEPARTMENT : 96K. sp Mukherjee Road, Hazra More. Ph. 24551840124344

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