Solve the following problem by elimination method:2x=5y+4 and 3x-2y+16=0

Dear Student,

2x=5y+4So, x = 5y+423x-2y+16=03(5y+42)-2y+16=015y+122-2y+16=015y+12-4y+32=011y+44=0y=-4So, x=5y+42 =5(-4)+42 = -8

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solve this question by ur own.don't ask for any help
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Varsha u should not be so rough on any student. U don't have any right so say anything like this. If u can do it so why don't help ?? The person needs help so he has asked. This app is made to clear doubts not for using inappropriate language.
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Misty send a pic of the sum so that people can help u. The sum isnt clear.
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