solve the sum of Mark no. 36 as fast as possible

solve the sum of Mark no. 36 as fast as possible sh balance, the auditor of laya Bank I-rd. to count cash in hand o! Rs. . At O, @ YRS. 150 per minute for 10 minutes only. cot he begins to count @ Rs. 2 less every take to count Rs. 4300 ? 25 sides, the lengths Of which starting from the in A.P. If the perimeter of the polygon is nas of the largest side Is 10 times side d the length -nest, find the length of the smallest side and the difference of the to. lace and travels mile the first out a certain p thC second day, 3 miles the third day and so on- after A and travels the same toad IA sets days will A travel before he is overtaken by out HOW far el, in what time will B be overtaken sets daY• continue to trav a debt of Rs. 12000 in 30 annue arranges to pay off A.P. When 20 of the instalmen

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A will cover 36 mile
A overtake B in 15 days they both   cover 120m and nnext day A cover 16m while B cover 12m
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