Solve the third question?

Solve the third question? EXERCISE 2. 1 (i" 44 Arrunge thc following in descending otxler: 5'7'10 In a "magic squar", the sum of the numbers in each row, in each column and along diagonals is the same. Js this a magic square? 4 9 2 15 (Along the first row _ + _ — — II 11 Arectangular sheet of paper is 12—cm long and 10— cmwide. its rrimeter. Find the (ii)therectangle BCDEinthis figure. Whose perimeter is greater? Sam wants to put apicturein a frame. The picture is 7 — cm wide. To fit in frame the picture cannot be more than 7 — cm wide. How much should 10 'icture be trimmed?

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