Solve these all 3 questions!

Solve these all 3 questions! given ngure, AB DC and AD II DC. and AC adiagonal. If values of x and y. = xo and ZACD = yo. find the 14 In the given figure. AB II CD and CA has been produced to E so that ZBAE = 1250. If ZBAC - xo. ZABD = xo. ZBDC = and ZACD r. find the values of x, y, z, 15. In each of the given figures, two lines I and m are cut by a transversal t. Find whether I II m.

Dear student,
As alternate angles are equal in parallel lines cut with a transverse line
angle ACD (angle y)= angle CAB(=35 degrees)

angle BCA (angle x)= angle CAD (=40 degrees)
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