Solve thies qus.

Solve thies qus. Living things . Snakes, tortoises, kangaroos, eagles, chameleons, frogs, gulmohur, sweet potato creeper, dolphins, ants, rattlesnakes, grasshoppers, earthworms. plants and found it surroundings harmful. or

Dear student,

Snake-Crawls in zigzag pattern
tortoise-moves slowly
Kangaroo-Jumps and move forward.
Chameleon-Slow and jerky movements
Frog-Jumps and move forward
Gulmohar-Grows towards sunlight
Sweet potato-Grows underground towards gravity.
Creeper-grows on a support
Dolphin-Jumps to make semicircle
ant-crawl in a row
Rattlesnake-moves very fast
earthworm-moves in both directions
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you are just like nano but i will not tell how
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Down page type all animals moment write

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