Solve this:

1 Mark the probability of the following on the line below.

   a Probability of a cat giving birth to a dog. P(C)

   b The sun will rise on Monday. P(M)

   c The chance that red will show up when a spinner with four colours, (red, blue, yellow. and green) is rotated. P(R)

   d The chance that a girl is chosen from a group of six girls and six boys. p(G)


Dear Student,
(a) It is impossible for a cat to give birth to a dog. So P(C)=0
(b) It is certain that the sun will rise on monday because the sun rises everyday. So P(M)=1
(c) Since red is one of the four colours in the spinner,so any of the four colours can show up on a particular spin.
So P(R)=14
(d)The total group consists of 6 girls and 6 boys=6+6=12 in total.In any random pick, there is a fifty-fifty chance of a girl to come up, So P(G)=12
Best Regards

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