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Solve this: 10. Which of the following are identical functions ? f(x) = sgn(lxl + I) —— sin-I {x} +cos- x (where [xJ denotes greatest integer less than or equal x, denotes si um function of x respectively.) sin (Inx)+cos (Inx) sec2 — tare (x) denotes fractional part of

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A.fx  =sgnx+1domain xRrange fx  =sgnx+1x+11  thenfx  =sgnx+1 =1fx1B.fx  =sin2lnx+cos2lnx domain x0,range fx  =sin2lnx+cos2lnx use sin2x+cos2x=1x+11  thenfx  =1fx1C.fx  =2πsin-1x+cos-1xdomain xRrange use sin-1x+cos-1x=π2fx  =2π×π2=1fx1D.fx  =sec2x-tan2xdomain xRrange use x=0=x fx  =sec20-tan20fx1
answer A,C,D

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