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17.  In the given figure, M is mid-point of AB and DE, whereas N is mid-point of BC and DF.
      Show that :  EF = AC.

Hiii... here's your answer: In triangle ABC M is mid point of AB N is mid point of BC Therefore, MN is parallel to AC (by mid point theorem) And hence MN = 1/2 AC -------1 In triangle DEF M is mid point of ED N is mid point of DF Therefore, MNA is parallel to EF (by mid point theorem) MN = 1/2 EF--------2 From equation 1 and 2 MN = 1/2 AC = 1/2 AC EF Therefore, EF =AC 😊😊😊😊😊😊
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Its vry triangle efd mn =1/2 ef and in triangle abc mn =1/2 from both we get ef =ac??????
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