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2. Choose the correct answer.

(a) The title of the king during the Early Vedic period was 
(i) rajan            (ii) prajapati 
(iii) samrat       (iv) ahhiraja .

(b) The lowest caste in the varna system was 
(i) brahmana      (ii) shudra
(iii) kshatriya     (iv) vanaprastha.

(c) Agni was the 
(i) fire god        (ii) rain god 
(iii) earth god   (iv) wind god 

(d) The yagna in which the horse was sacrificed was known as 
(i) vajapeya             (ii) rajasuya 
(iii) ashvamedha     (iv) bali 


Dear Student

1.  The title of the King during the Early Vedic period is rajan
2.  The lowest caste in the Varna system is shudra
3.  Agni was the fire god
4.  The yagna in which horse was sacrificed was Ashwamedha
​​5.  The last stage or ashrama in a man's life  was sanyasa


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