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2. What was the final blow that the ghost received on 19th September?

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It was about quarter past two in the morning, when the ghost decided to stroll towards the library, ascertaining that no one was stirring, to check for any traces of the blood stain. To his horror, the Otis twins leaped out on him from dark corner, waving their hands above their heads wildly, shrieking out 'BOO'! Panicked, he rushed to the staircase, where Washington was waiting for him with a big garden syringe. This made him feel trapped and he found his rescue through the great iron stove, that led him to his room, in dirt, disorder and despair.


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The ghost received the final blow on the 19th of september.He had gone downstairs to the great entrance hall feeling sure that he would not be assaulted.It was about quarter past two in the morning and as far as he could ascertain no one was stirring.As he was strolling towards the library to see if any traces of the blood were left,he was ambushed by the twins to waved their arms wildly and shrieked 'boo' at the ghost scaring him horribly.
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