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2. Why is excretion necessary : Name the common excretory substances in our body 
3. What is a uriniferous tubule ? How does it function ? 
4. Why is it necessary to maintain a normal osmotic concentration of the blood? 
5. If you donate one kidney to a needy patient, would it cause any harm to you ? Give reason. 

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2. All cells of our body produce waste products. These waste products are toxic to the body and therefore need to be excreted out. This process of removing waste products produced in the cells of living organisms is called excretion. The main excretory products in human are urea, excess water, salt, etc. 
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4) If normal osmotic concentration is not maintained it will cause either cell shrinkage or cell bursting. In hypertonic - shrinkage In hypotonic-cell swelling followed by bursting.
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Its very necessary to maintain a normal osmotic concentration of blood because its is very helpful for body cells and tissue. If in the surrounding tissues the concentration of blood is very high then the blood cells present in body deprive the water present to tissue from the blood. It can cause the blood cell not to move anywhere and become hard.??By?normal osmotic concentration of the blood the water will move to tissue from blood.?

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