Solve this:
20) In the figure, PQ QR and
PM RM. Also  PQ=PM, show that QR=MR.

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In PQR and PMR 

PQ  =  PM                                             ( Given )

 PQR  =  PMR= 90°               ( Given PQ  QR  and PM  MR)


PR  =  PR                                              ( Common side ) ( That is also hypotenuse for both triangles )


PQR PMR                            ( By RHL rule )


QR = MR                                              ( By CPCT )                     ( Hence proved )

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In triangle PQR & PMR
​angleQ=angleM (each90)
PR=PR (common)
PQ=PM (given)

Yes,they are congruent by RHS

traingle PQR=PMR

Yes, QR=MR by CPCT

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