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42.   If the given solution is of 25% concentration; then what cannot be presented for this

(1)  OP    (2)   DPD     (3)  Solute potential    (4)  TP

Dear student.

The correct answer is 4. TP.

Turgor pressure is the pressure of the cell contents against the cell wall in plant cells. In hypotonic solution, water diffuses into the cell and cells enlarge and extension growth occurs. As water diffuses in, cytoplasm builds up a pressure against the cell wall. This pressure is called turgor pressure.

As here, the solution is hypertonic, as a result of which water will come out of the cell, so there will be no turgor pressure.

The correct answer is 
(2) SP=0.
When a plant cell is kept in the hyper tonic solution, it becomes Flaccid i.e water starts moving out of the cell and if the process continues the cell becomes plasmolysed. Solute potential(SP) or osmotic potential is responsible for movement of water, as the cell is flaccid, SP will be zero.



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