Solve this:
(a) What is corrosion ? What are the necessary conditions for corrosion ?
(b) State under what conditions corrosion is faster.
(c) Corrosion can be an advantage in some cases. Ex lain.


a)  the slowly eating of metallic surface due to interaction with atmospheric conditions is called corrosion 
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a)The process in which surface of the metal is attacked constantly by the moisture present in air is called corrosion.
b.)If the amount of water in the atmosphere is increased,the rate of corrosion becomes faster specially in humid conditions.
c)Sometimes corrosion has an advantage as it prevents the metal underneath from further damage.
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1. When metals are exposed in air it gets tarnished and lose their shine. This phenomenon is known as corrosion.
3. When aluminium gets corrode then it can help us to cook food.
2. Conditions are _ presence of water and air
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