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b. The diagram shows the four major lobes of each hemisphere of the cerebrum. Label the parts 1-6. Then fill in the blanks below with correct answer.

The _____i_____lobes control some body movement, reasoning, judgments, and emotions. The sense of vision is located in the ___ii_____ lobe. The sense of hearing is interpreted in the ___iii___lobe. The ___iv___lobes interpret sensation such as pain, pressure, touches, hot and cold.

Dear student.

1. Frontal lobe.
2. Parietal lobe.
3. Occipital lobe.
4. Temporal lobe.
5. Brain stem.
6. Cerebellum.

i. Frontal lobe.
ii. Occipital Lobe.
iii. Temporal Lobe.
iv.  Parietal Lobe. 


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