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Solve this: Cubo d Cube ROO ts 5. Parikshit makes a Of of 5 2 5 How will to form a 6. Find Of a is "86 cm2. 7. Which Of the following are cubes Of natural or 512 (it,) 2197 ou (0 125 6859 4096 8. Write one'S digit of the of each of n 149 — (v) 1024 of the following numbers: -13 CUBE ROOTS Answer following If the Of a cube is 729 What be Of its side? VVe tha t volume Of = (Side)' Let the Of side df the cube m, then 729 = r'. TO get the length Of the Side Of the We need to find a Whose cube is 72 finding a Whose cube is known, is called finding the cube Thus. We that: The cube root Of a n is that number Which when multiplied itself three times &ives as the product. Thus, if m is the cube root of numb-gr n, then The a is by As we know that, finding the square root is the inverse operation of squaring. finding Cube root is the [If finding Thus, we have 2 8 cube root (i.e. = 2) 73 = 343 cube root of 343 is 7 (i.e. 7) Cube root through prime factorisaiion method the of this chaptet-, We have that: A cube can always be expresqd product Of Of prime factors. Thus, to find the root of a given cube number by prime factorisation, following protulurcv

5. volume of cube = side3
5 cm × 5 cm× 2 cm = side 3
5× 2× y  = 53×​ 23
y= 53 ×​ 2/5×​ 2
y = 5 ×​ 22
y = 20 
he makes 20 cuboids to form a cube

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