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I am like earthly life which 
begins at the feet of the 
mad elements and ends 
under the upraised wings 
of death. 
main saansaarik jeevan kee tarah hai 
jo paagal tatvon ke pairon se shuroo 
hota hai aur maut ke utthit pankhon ke 
ant mein samaapt hota hai. 

Sorry I dont know this riddle
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very extraordinary
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Hey Sakshi!  : )
Here Is The Answer:
In my opinion, earthly life symbolizes rain because it is a life giver, wings of death refers to clouds. it means that the cycle of rain starts from the five elements. When vapours from water bodies form clouds, the clouds rain and so journey of the drops of water end under the clouds ( Under the upraised wings of death).
Hope It Helps You!!
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Hello dear friend 👋 Well ! Here’s your answer:-⬇️ Hope it helps ☺️🤗🤩😊😎😇

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And here’s one ☝️ more for you:-⬇️ Hope it helps ☺️🤩🤩😊😎

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It's rainfall
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