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solve this exercise site com 164 davs it 21 men many Jays. 6 men can complete the electric fitting in in y days baskets work Logether. in how marw: the '0b ? 2. Shashi Weaves 25 baskets in days. In how man 3. T". men can do piece or work in e, days S. do a piece of work in 10 days. but alone can do it in days. hours. he is joined by other By when should the work completed If they work together. in how man) 7. B and C can culti•vatc tield in 10. 12. and I S days respectively. days they finish work and traction of the work of them do 8. A. Band ('can do a piece in can do it in 40 days. and B alone can do it in30' 9. .4 and do a given piece in days: B and Ccan do the same work in 12 days n. 10. A cistern can bc filled by onc tap in 4 hours and by another in 3 hours. long will it take to fili 11. A cistern can be byatap in 4 hours and emptied by an outlet pipe in 6 hours. HOW long ittake to fill the cistcm if both taps are opened together ? 12. One tap fills a bath in 12 min. and another tap fills it in min. The waste-pipe can empty the bath in. 10 min. In what time will the bath be filled if both taps are turned on and If Lhe waste-ptpc has open accidentally ? 13. A pipe can fill a cistern in 6 hours. Due to a leak in the bottom it is filled in 7 hours. When the cistern i tilll, in how much time will it be emptied by the leak ? '4. A cistem has two inlets and B which can fill it in hours and 20 hours respectively An outlet empty the full cistern in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together in the empty cistern. ho• much time will they take to till the cistern completely ? Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 15. A and B together take 5 days to do a work. B and C take 7 days to do the same and A and C take 4 days to do it. Who among these will take the least time. if put to do it alone? (d) data is not adequate 16. A tap can empty a tank in one hour. A second tap can empty it in 30 minutes If both the taps •operate simuttaneously. how much time is needed to empty the tank ? High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) 17. A and B can finish a work in 30 days. The} worked for it for 20 days and then B left, rematning work was done by A alonein 20 more days. A alone can fimsh the work in (a) 54 days (c) 48 days (b) 60 days (d) SO days (a) 20 min. (c) 40 min. (b) 30 min. (d) 45 min. 18. Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 respectively. Pipe C can empty it in The tank is half full. All the three pipes ate W_ operation simultaneously. After bow will the tank will be full.

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1.6 men can complete the electric fitting in a building = 7 days1 man can complete the electric fitting in a building = 7×6 days=42 days21 men can complete the electric fitting in a building = 4221 days=2 days.   ANS...2.Time taken to weave 25 baskets = 35 daysTime taken to weave 1 basket=3525 days=75 daysTime taken to weave 110 baskets=75×110=7×22=154 days.   ANS...

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