solve this : In the following figure the side QR of PQR is produced to a point S. If the bisectors of PQR and PRS meet at a point T, Then prove that QTR = QPR.              

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Correction in question as QTR =12 QPR instead of QTR = QPR.  Given : PQT=TQR , PRT=TRS Prove that QTR = 12QPR. Proof: In PQRPRS is an exterior anglePRS=PQR+QPRQPR=PRS-PQR.................iIn QTRTRS is an exterior angleTRS=QTR+TQRQTR=TRS-TQR                  =12PRS-12PQR      QT and RT bisect PQR and PRS respectively                  =12PRS-PQR                    =12QPR      From Equation iProved  QTR==12QPR

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The proof should be half of angle QPR

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