Solve this is a 5 questions....

Solve this is a 5 questions.... Listen carefully and answer the questions orally using only one word or phrasi (l) One day o wild boar was sharpening his tusks against the bark ofa tree. What was the boar doing? (2) He was doing iL carefully. How was he doing it'? (3) There lived a fox in the same forest. Who lived in the same forest? (4) When the fox saw the wild boar, he decided 10 tease him. Who saw the wild boar? What did he decide to do? (5) But the boar did not pay any attention to him. teacher should read Did the boar pay any attention to him ? peach question carefully.

Dear Student,
The answers should be in one word or a phrase and should be given orally. However, the answers are:
1. Sharpening his tusks against the bark of a tree. 
2. Carefully.
3. A fox.
4. The fox. To tease him. 
5. No.

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