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l. Why was the ghost determined to visit the disrespectful young Etonians in the character of 'Reckless Rupert or the Headless Earl'? What was the outcome of his visit?

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The ghost was continually being humiliated,but the one occasion when he dressed up as ​"Black Isaac, or the Huntsman of Hogley Woods" he had a great fall and treaded on a butter-slide ​from the entrance of the Tapestry Chamber to the top of the oak staircase. This incident enraged him so much, that he resolved to take a revenge and visit the young Etonians in his celebrated character ​of "Reckless Rupert, or the Headless Earl."
Upon satisfactorily getting dressed up as the character, he glided at quarter past one and entered the room of twins. To make an effective entry, he flung opened the door and a heavy jug of water fell right on him, wetting him to the skin. He was so shocked and embarrassed when he heard shrieks of laughter from the bed. The next day he had a severe cold and was only thankful that he hadn't carried his head with him.


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