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"Misto Hallock, " came from the hall outside, ' 'Misto Hallock, 
I's gwine t' quit. I don't like no hoodoos." And the steps retreated 
(i) What is the speaker saying? 
(ii) What reason does the speaker give? 
(iii) What do you understand by 'hoodoos'? 
(iv) Whose steps did retreat? ‚Äč

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

a) The speaker is saying that she was going to quit her job in John Hallock's house.
b) The reason that she says is that she is afraid of hoodoos or ghosts.
c) Hoodoos refers to ghosts.
d) Gladolia's steps retreated.

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a) Gladolia.
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1. The speaker Gladolia is saying that she is afraid of hoodoos and does not like the game of ouija. So she has decided to quit from her job.
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Hodoos _placing curses and charms to bring bad luck
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2.She gives the reason as the ouija board party.
4. Gladolia steps retreated.
3. Hoodoos refers to some game involving calling up spirits and conjuring them. Eg.ouija board.
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(a) The speaker says that she is going to quit working in John Hallock's house.
(b) The speaker says that she had decided to quite working in Hallock's house because she is scared of ghosts and thinks that there is a ghost that resides in Hallock's house.
(c) Here hoodos is being referred to a 'ghost'.
(d) Gladolia's steps retreated.
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