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Mr. Ravi Saxena is the sports Instructor of D.A.V Public School kalka. The Principal has asked him to place an order for buying volleyball, nets, cricket bats, tennis balls and tennis racquets and nessar Sports Equipment Rohini New Delhi. Write the order letter.

DAV PUblic School



23 October 2013


ABC Sports Shop,


New Delhi.


Subject: Placement of an order for sports goods


On behalf of DAV Public School, Kalka I would like to place an order for some goods from your shop. The quantity and the description of the goods is as follows:

S. No. Sports Item Quantity
1. Basket Balls 4 nos
2. Cricket Bats 5 nos
3. Badminton Racquets 6 nos
4. Shuttle Cocks 2 boxes

Kindly deliver the goods as soon as possible to the above mentioned address. The payment will be made through cheque after the delivery of the goods and the presentation of the invoice. Also, make sure that the goods are packed properly so as to avoid any damage during the transition. We also expect that you will be providing us with reasonable discount on the quoted price so that we can enter into a lasting trade relationship.

Please do the needful at the earliest and oblige.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Ravi Saxena

(Sports Instructor)

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Abe bhai khud kar practise hogi teri..
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Bilkul sahi kaha aditya bhai
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