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Solve this one most each new application in communication have affected the way people get their news. Yet, the newspaper still remains a very powerful tool of influence and persuasion. 5. One of the key figures in the tourist industry is a waiter. His job is not merely to wait on rabies and serve food and beverages to customers. The service provided by the hotel industry are rather complex; hence a waiter has to be train to acquire knowledge and skill of the industry. He has to be courteous and cheerful, and have an ability of smile. A waiter must appears smart and well groomed. -He must be able to speak clearly with a modulated tone; he may have an understanding of human relations. In one of the biggest Incorrect Correct Incorrect Correct

(a) tourist-tourism (b) on-at (c) service-services (d) train-trained (e) skill-skills (f) of-to (g) appears-appear (h) may-should

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