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1. State which of the following statements are True.
(i) Process of coagulation starts with the release of a substance from RBCs.
(ii) Blood fails to clot readily in the case of deficiency of calcium.
(iii) The solid fibrin and thrombin are one and the same thing.
(iv) The clear liquid that oozes out after the formation of a clot is serum.
2. Name the following.
(i) The category of vitamin required for clotting of blood.
(ii) Any two diseases related with blood clotting .
(iii) The antibodies present in the plasma of O type blood group.
(iv) The animal for which Rh stands in the context of blood group.

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2. (i) Vitamin K(ii) Hemophilia and thrombophilia(iii) Both 'a' and 'b' antibodies are present in blood group O type. (iv) Rhesus monkeyKindly ask the remaining query in the next thread. 

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